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Weekend Diary: Britain’s Heatwave

Coming to you from the pebble beach of Brighton, sunbathing alongside the entire population of my city because IT’S HOT! (aka 22 degrees lol) You guys aren’t bored of hearing about this heatwave yet are you? Good, because here’s a long old post all about it. (Just a side-note to represent Britain in its true form…I’m currently editing this 2 days later to the sound of non-stop rain and thunder). Being the typical Brit I am, I decided to make the most of this incredible weather and actually step outside my bedroom for the weekend which is obviously a lot more interesting for you guys to read so yay!

I think I can speak for the majority of UK when I say that seeing a bit of sunshine puts me in the best. mood. ever. I’m up and raring to go at 6am, summer dresses are out, freshly painted toes are on show and the cocktails are on tap. This is the life, am I right or am I right? Sadly, no tan for pasty-white Phoebe but that doesn’t stop me from laying like a star fish in the middle of a park for hours upon hours.

Thursday, 17th April:

The heatwave begins. I woke up to the sun, quite frankly it was burning my face, shining through my window which isn’t the worst of starts to a day! Within 30 mins I was out that door and heading to my favourite cafe SIX to enjoy their deeeelicious pancakes. brighton cafe, lunch, brunch, summer, day out, spring, things to do see, where to eat, places to eat and drink, six, hove, tourist guideYou gotta treat yourself sometimes! I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to sit outside, soaking up every ounce of sun hitting your face. You know what they say…suns out, freckles out and I’m definitely embracing my freckle face because I’ll take any chance I can get to look slightly less see-through! Think writing, people watching and iced tea sipping for the entirety of this freak summer’s morning.

For the most part of the afternoon, I ambled down to the beach to (uncomfortably) lie on the pebbles but not to worry, I used my jacket as a blanket. You’d probably think that Brighton beach on a hot day would be packed like sardines but top tip – go on a weekday! Of course you can expect it to be busier than usual but by no means is it unbearable. The waves are still loud enough to hear so you can properly relax and take a break from the internet which is the best kind of detox for me; you can read my last post about accepting yourself  here where I talk about the importance of social media breaks.

Friday, 18th April:

SHOOT DAY! Much like Thursday, I was ready to set off at 8am for a morning full of blog shooting. Miraculously, I managed to convince my friend to spend his last morning down in Brighton, photographing myself prancing around the streets! But we got some decent images for a post coming Friday so it’s all worth it. 3 outfits in 60 mins, it’s fair to say I was damn sweaty afterwards. A quick trip home to freshen up and then I was on my way straight out again but this time to sit in St. Ann’s Well Gardens which is just utterly beautiful. The bluebells are in full swing to take over the daffodils. It’s undoubtedly one of my favourite (and best kept secret) places in Hove. Putting aside the outbursts of dog fights every 10 mins, it’s such a peaceful environment to work in. Grabbed a blanket, some snacks and my laptop and I was good to go! I’m more than sure that the weather had a huge part in this, but this weekend I was radiating all the good vibes so perhaps this post can help cheer some of you up while you’re back to cosy-ing up in your duvet.

Saturday, 19th April:

Saturday was a chilling-in-the-garden kind of day which are the best days if you ask me. Even though I was glued to my laptop trying to finish editing my photos and upcoming posts before the sun set, it was all in all another laid-back yet productive day. To end the day, I met a couple of friends down in the local pub garden for a few drinks…is there anything better than a summer’s evening spent like this?

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Sunday, 20th April:

As the weather started to cool down again, my plans started to die off…not going to lie. Suddenly I wasn’t so keen to sit out in a park, tanning and all that. Nether the less, I still got out and took more photos for tha blog because you’ve got to make the most of this good lighting right? This time I was actually taking some for the first post of a new series I’m going to be launching (most likely on Sunday) which I am VERY excited about because it has so many opportunities to come along with it and *fingers crossed* is going to be a helpful and interesting read to you!

Before I shut off the weekend at Sunday, I wanted to include a quick mention to a play I saw last night called ‘The Winslow Boy’. To be quite honest, the play wouldn’t have even needed to be good to enjoy my night out because The Theatre Royal is a very beautiful building that I could admire all day! By chance though, the play was incredible! The actors, the set, the story adaptation…it was all amazing and I would for sure see it again. It’s still showing in Brighton until 28th and then they move onto Belfast, London and Canterbury so if any of those are near you, check it out because it’s worth the watch!

Annnnnd, the weekend is sadly over! It always goes too quick but I made this a long one! Did you get up to anything nice in the sun or did you just take a break and chill? I’d love to know your perfect way to spend a spring day!!


50 responses to “Weekend Diary: Britain’s Heatwave”

  1. Phoebe Rowan says:

    I loved this! I am very nosey so it was great seeing an insight into your weekend, the warm weather really does improve everyones mood; I love those days where you are out of the house all day, especially when you have crossed so many things off your to do list as well. The fact that you were writing this two days later in a thunderstorm made me giggle, though, to be fair, I am not sure I could cope with that heatwave all the time, I was literally melting haha.

    • Phoebe Rose says:

      Thanks gal!! Yess it’s such a good feeling knowing you’ve been able to do everything you needed to! Isn’t it just typical ahah! Omg I’m with you on that, it reaches a stage of just being damn uncomfortable which I’m not fond of:/

  2. Sima Aykin says:

    I really liked this post. Enjoyed while reading it! I think that writing a blog post like a diary is so interesting and exciting to read. I really want to visit Brighton. You are so lucky to live in a city like that💕
    Much love,
    Sima []

  3. connxvi says:

    the weather really does put me in such a good mood when it’s warm out and the sun is blaring on my face! I was driving to work with my window down and my tunes playing and i was in such a good mood! I unfortunately missed quite a lot of the sun due to being in work so much but i’m makin coinsssss for when summer actually arrives so it’s all good!

    loved this post and i’m excited to see what this new series is!

  4. Fifi says:

    I loved hearing about your weekend! I live in the States and I admittedly take all the Sunshiney days for granted (though ironically it has been raining for the past 2 days). It sounds like you had a super fun weekend, and I’m glad you got to spend it outdoors in the sun! And I can’t wait to find out what your new series will be!

  5. cassiethehag says:

    It was such great weather! Unfortunately I had to move all my stuff into storage, so didn’t quite get to enjoy my last weekend in London as I hoped! But when it’s light and warmer in the morning it definitely lifts your mood. Lovely photos as always!
    Cass x

  6. Megs says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! It’s one of the prettiest blogs I’ve ever come across! xx

  7. Anika May says:

    Your photo editing and blog layout is amazing! Loving this post 🙂

    Anika |

  8. Loved reading this post, sounds like you definitely made the most of the weather! I just loved being able to sit out in the garden, so sad the weather hasn’t lasted!

  9. Katie says:

    I’m so glad you got to make the most of the sun. I mostly spent them working at home in very thin clothes, but it made me excited for summer!

  10. Alys George says:

    I’m so jealous right now it sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Here in Wales we have three sunny days and then they started going downhill and I was in work for two of the three.
    I will be heading your way in a few weeks, I really want to try Cafe Six (:
    Alys /

    • Phoebe Rose says:

      It was a good one for sure! Aw I know, us too – I’m now tucked up in a heated blanket!! Oh amazing, have the best time! I’ll be putting up a Brighton Guide on Sunday so it might be a helpful read for you 🙂 x

  11. Sophie says:

    Kind of wishing I had spent more time outside taking in the sun now that it has gone back to being cold, but uni work doesn’t stop for the sun ^^ It sounds like you had a lovely few days!

    Sophie |

    • Phoebe Rose says:

      I always end up regretting not making the most of it so this time I tried to do just that! Ahhh I know, it’s a struggle to say the least! Summer will be here soon though x

  12. Aaliyah says:

    I loved this post! Makes me really want to hop on a train and come to Brighton haven’t been in so long and it’s so lovely there! Also I’m jealous of you of photography!! X

  13. I’m super jealous that I wasn’t anywhere near the sea when the heatwave hit – I was stuck in stuffy Oxford! Sounds like you had a few very busy but productive few days regardless of the heat! I have no idea where it’s disappeared to this week though, I would very much like it back.. 😩

  14. Bexa says:

    Brighton in the sunshine is the best place to be! I love the beach there and it sounds like you had a perfect weekend! I gotta find cafe SIX next time I’m there for some tasty pancakes 😍. Gorgeous photos Phoebe, this post makes me wanna visit Brighton again so much! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  15. Eena says:

    That’s such a pretty photo of you! I never knew it even warmed up in Britain much to be honest – and 22 degrees? That’s what our everyday weather here is in my city and it is horrible (for me anyways). While I dislike warm weather, it does put everyone into a warmer mood :3

    cabin twenty-four

  16. Rachel says:

    The sunshine has well and truly gone at the moment, lots of rain here today. I hear another heatwave is coming in May 😃

  17. Literally, just booked a weekend getaway to Brighten in May, so perfect timing! This will be my second time going to the seaside town, yet all these recommendations are going straight on my list!
    Florence ||

  18. OH MY GOSH! I enjoyed every bit of this post. It sounds like you had a great fun weekend, and I’m glad you got to spend it outdoors in the sun!

  19. I have always wanted to go to Brighton, looks like a nice place to enjoy the sunshine! Fabulous photos


  20. Aleeha Ali says:

    Boy do I miss the very short heatwave… sounds like you made the most of it though!
    Aleeha xXx

  21. Nancy says:

    Hope you’re keeping yourself cool from the heatwave! I hate them because it already feels like a sauna in the early morning. It’s great that you got to treat yourself! Glad you got to enjoy the beach :)! It’s always nice to relax and not having to hustle for anything. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  22. Fran says:

    The heatwave is making a come back in May 🙌🏾 Sounds like you took full advantage of the heatwave in true British style! When I next come down to see you, can we go to Six 😀 I wanna try their pancakes too

    Fran |

  23. Alice Porter says:

    Love this style of blog post! What app do you use to edit your photos like this?


  24. Sneha says:

    I can’t believe this was a week ago, the weather right now is so miserable and it’s meant to go down to five degrees tomorrow! 🙁 But I loved seeing these photos – Brighton is so beautiful, I need to visit it again soon. And it’s so funny how us bloggers get so excited about a sunny day because of the photo potential, haha. 😀 xx

    Sneha |

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