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Let’s Get Vintage, My Vinyl Record Collection

If this post piqued your interest then you probably aren’t reading to hear about the cliche-ridden Arctic Monkey and Amy Winehouse records that can be seen on every teen’s Tumblr page. Don’t get me wrong, I can never get enough of the classics and after all…there’s a reason why they’re so popular! But going back to what I said, you’re most likely here because you have a greater interest in music compared to the average chart-listener. Well lucky for you, I fit into that “indie”/”alternative” (there’s no way of saying that without sounding so pretentious) category too and for the past few years I’ve been slowly adding to my vinyl record collection. I say slowly because there’s the small matter of the large pricing that keeps me from buying all my faves at once.

Livin’ In The 80s

My collection has some fab vintage gems tucked away that I’ve searched every charity shop up and down the country for so, naturally, they’re a bit more special to me – first is one of my most played.

Psychedelic Furs are the sound of the 80’s for me, with that synth/post-punk sound it just screams the decade of fun. ‘Love My Way’ is obviously one of their, if not their most, well known song to their name. It’s been used in film after film which is no surprise because it gives such a nostalgic and carefree vibe that fits right into any vintage picture. I watched ‘Call Me By Your Name’ earlier this year and I actually squealed when the song came on…should I admit that I danced along with Oliver? Fair to say that I can’t quite live up to his moves though…

The amount of times I’ve played this 7″ single is laughable but it’s so good! The only downside is that once the song is finished, that’s it. No quick press of a button to repeat it, I actually have to get off my ass and move the needle back to the start! First world problems at its finest right?

Next up is The Smiths’ album “Hatful Of Hollow”…so so many good ‘uns on this record! If I had to pick a favourite, it would be “How Soon Is Now?” over and over again. “This Charming Man” would of course put up a tough fight but a close second will do. I’m seen wearing the classic “The Queen Is Dead” tee multiple times a week but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s my favourite album! If you know me, you know I’ve got this slightly emo (or punk shall I say) side to me which is why these records get me hooked. Over my teenage years, I’ve chosen a gig over a party every time because the atmosphere is definitely more my scene. Also to note, t.A.T.u’s cover of “How Soon Is Now?” is incredible and worth a listen if the Manc group isn’t up your street!

Rhythm Of The 90s

I feel like there’s a gap in my collection when it comes to the 90s. Sure, I loved the likes of TLC, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child and Green Day (well that’s a bit of an odd mix) but there aren’t many stand outs for me that I could justify spending extra money on for a record version. So naturally, the ones I have picked up are all very well loved and can be spotted on anyones cd rack.

Michael Jackson released music over three decades so I’m going to count it as part of the 90s, ok? His music and presence as an artist was incredible, I would be lying if I said his albums weren’t a go-to listen for me. Especially ‘Bad’ but to be honest, depending on the day, ‘Off The Wall’ could be my favourite. ‘Rock With You’ can’t NOT make me get up and dance, his music is so uniting and I couldn’t love these two albums more.

Oasis…do I need to say anymore? What a band ay? The heart and soul of Manchester music, they’re kind of like a right of passage for every teenager to love at some point. Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to play ‘Wonderwall’ on guitar? I could sit here and bang on about the classics but instead I’ll tell you about the songs I constantly have on that turntable. ‘Some Might Say’ flips my mood from the first beat and I end up turning my bedroom into my own mosh-pit which should be the intention for any song that’s released, d’you know what I mean? Ok too much cheese, swiftly moving on. Another favourite of mine is ‘She’s Electric’ which actually reminds me of nowaday’s Iron & Wine, who I also absolutely love and am in need of their vinyls.

Noughties Hits (so far)

Oh what a love-hate relationship I have with 2000’s music, it’s brought some of the best but also some of the very worst. Obviously, being a ’00 baby myself, I have a much bigger collection that comes from this decade. While I love the Justin Bieber’s (don’t judge me, you know you love it too) and Beyoncé’s (let’s be honest, there’s only one Beyoncé), my go-to albums aren’t amongst the mainstream scene. I feel like the chart stuff can stay in my iTunes library where they fit in with the modern times, but vinyls are for the alternative stuff.

RAT BOY was probably my first delve into the indie world of music, I remember seeing them in a low-key record store in London a few years ago and since then I’ve watched them grow and grow. I throw on a record by them when I can’t be bothered to have a mooch through my collection because I know I’ll always love their music.

Mac Miller otherwise known as Malcolm McCormick (or Larry Fisherman to the fans) has been on my radar for years, ever since I was about 11 going into secondary school. I have ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ but ‘Devine Feminine’ and his latest record are on my wish list. His music becomes more and more meaningful to me with every year that I get older and experience more of life. To put it simply, it’s bloody good; the beat, the lyrics, the production and the man himself.

Wolf Alice – oh my gosh – my love for this band just gets bigger and bigger with every song they put out. They’re so magical and if anyone asks me what my favourite gig has been, my answer is always Wolf Alice. ‘My Love Is Cool’ has some incredible songs on, it has the perfect mix of calming gentle tunes and heavy rock tracks. If you’re looking for a new vinyl to pick up, I’d 100% recommend this one.

The Kooks, absolute British classic. You really can’t beat ‘Inside In, Inside Out’, I have yet to come across someone who can’t recite every lyric in ‘Naive’. Much like the next one coming up, this band is one of my ride or die vinyls that I couldn’t live without. Yes it’s overplayed, yes it’s stereotypical but I love it and it’s amazing. And that’s that.

I think we all know who’s next…Arctic Monkeys. I know I said this post wouldn’t include the likes of them but how can you NOT? There’s nothing that screams British music quite like ‘Fluorescent Adolescence’ being shouted by an entire festival crowd. I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime to see them live, Glastonbury would be the ultimate dream. I can’t choose which album is my favourite, I have 4 of their records and they get played an equal amount. In fact, I have ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ playing right now to put me in the mood for this post.

Finally, a quick mention to my latest addition by Billie Eilish. ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ is for sure worth a listen, she has such a unique style that I have fallen in love with. Playing her record puts me in such a chilled out mood, love love love.

Coming Up Next…

I thought to round this post off I’d include some vinyls that I’ve been lusting after recently, perhaps I can introduce you guys to some new music or just simply spread some music inspo.

Sabrina Claudio would sound beautiful on vinyl, she has adds a soft touch to any song and I’ve found myself constantly listening to her lately.

Khalid is someone I would put between that fine line of mainstream chart and up and coming indie (R&B). I never really gave him a chance but since his song with Billie Eilish came out, I’ve been completely obsessed with his music.

Buzzcocks need no explanation, they’re a 70s classic that I’m dying to get my hands on.

Jaden/Willow Smith are the most talented siblings I’ve ever come across, their styles are entirely different but equally incredible. I adore both of them, their records wouldn’t be taken off the turntable if I had them.

That was an insight into my music taste including what I’ve been playing on my record player recently. I’m always on the lookout for new artists and bands so tell me your favourites down below!

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16 responses to “Let’s Get Vintage, My Vinyl Record Collection”

  1. Fifi says:

    I love your taste in music! First off, Billie Eilish is my FAVORITE. I love finding indie artists on Spotify and I found her a couple years ago when Ocean Eyes started gaining traction, so it’s so weird to see her so huge now! I haven’t tried most of the bands in this post so I’ll give them a listen! My favorite genre is creepy alternative dark pop (stems from my love for horror) but one of my fave alternative songs is Pinkie Promise by Twin Steps. Mother Mother, Perfume Genius and FIDLAR are amazing bands too! I know they’re kinda “mainstream” but I looooove alt-j and tame impala and I don’t care if I get judged for it lol.

    • Phoebe Rose says:

      How could I forget Tame Impala? LOVE!!! I’ll definitely give the other bands a listen, I find it so motivating finding new styles/music. Ooh girl, I love horror too so I’ll check them out! Also I know, can you believe I listened to her for months without realising that song was her? She deserves so much success! x

  2. foreverseptember1 says:

    I love these photos Phoebe, gorgeous outfit too! The Kooks are one of my fave alternative bands, the best! I think my fave vinyl’s I own are tame impala, currents and harry styles’ latest album!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. sophhearts says:

    Oh wow you have such a huge collection and so many absolute gems! I love your outfit and these photos too, absolutely gorgeous! I’m so jealous of your collection, I bet the Smiths ones are worth quite a bit!
    Soph – x

  4. Lisa Autumn says:

    Love your photography babe!

    x Lisa |

  5. Emily says:

    This is amazing! I’ve been wanting to get a record player for some time now! You have such great picks!

    -Emily |

  6. Katya says:

    Oh my, so classic! You look gorgeous and pretty! Love this kind of collection.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  7. That’s an amazing collection. I got a record player for Christmas, so far I have Abbey Road, a Best of David Bowie, and the single of Dancing in the Street by David Bowie & Mick Jagger. They’re a original copies so the sound isn’t lerfext but they’re still amazing

  8. natashaketel says:

    Your taste in music is perfection! The Artic Monkeys, the Kooks and Oasis are some of my favourites too! I got a record player for Christmas a couple of years ago and have recently bought David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles and Blondie on vinyl. There is something so special about owning a physical copy of something that you just don’t get with spotify/ apple music etc.

    • Phoebe Rose says:

      I couldn’t agree more, records are definitely my favourite way to listen to music these days. The Beatles, omg what a dream – I’ll have to take a look at buying some of theirs!

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