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Trend Seeking: Plaid

Good-day everyone! It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn and it’s cheeky new series we have here! A series that I’ve been planning and prepping for months now but to be honest, I didn’t have the budget to execute it. Little ol’ me has been saving her cash like mad recently so I’m damn excited to finally bring this post to you! It’s called ‘Trend Seeking’ which essentially will consist of me finding 4 or 5 outfits that fit into a fashion trend of the moment. To debut this series, I’m starting with plaid. Check, tartan and whatever else falls under that umbrella.

Each outfit, at least for this particular post, is very different. I wanted to experiment and try out new styles as much as possible when researching (i.e shopping) for plaid. I’ve curated 4 outfits that’ll hopefully leave you with some inspiration to incorporate check patterns into your wardrobe.

Outfit One: Beige Trench


How could I not start off with my favourite of all? I’ve already worn this outfit twice before even shooting for this post, I’m head over heels in love with it. The first time I ventured out in this look was to an event and I received quite a few lovely compliments, which of course made my love for it grow even more. It’s classic yet has an edgy touch to it all thanks to the heavy biker boots.

The show-piece is a beige, almost nova print inspired, pinafore from Stradivarius. Anything Burberry (or influenced by) wins me over immediately, it represents true London street style. I tried on a white turtle neck with this first but it didn’t click right with me, perhaps it felt too summery? That’s when I whacked on the black one and the outfit started to come together very nicely. The boots, oh baby do I LOVE biker boots. These Dr Martens are my ride or die shoes, my pride and joy, my actual babies. They’re an investment for sure, but an investment well-made. Originally, I was going to stop there. No coat, just the layered pinafore and we’re good-to-go but as I was tidying up the clothes explosion in my room, I popped on the trench coat from New Look and there we had it. Fini!

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Outfit Two: Preppy Blue

Now we head onto more daring styles, being this plaid blue pinafore from New Look (you think I like pinafores?). FIY it’s in the sale for £11 right now – I’ve linked it below, I gotchu you. Recently I’ve been craving brightly coloured, mainly primary coloured, outfits and clashing some together like the pink and red trend at the moment. Autumn probably isn’t the best time to be venturing out in these outfits, as a fashion blogger I should be sporting all the rusts and beige’s but I need a lil change-up in my wardrobe. I did add a mustard roll neck so I’ll make that count for something.

The puffer jacket, for me, makes this outfit work 10x better. I don’t think I could pull the outfit off without it, it definitely gives me Billie Eilish vibes. It’s HUGE but you guys know I live for anything oversized. Unfortunately I got it last year at Stradivarius but I’ve linked similar ones below, puffer jackets were my ultimate obsession last Winter so they aren’t going anywhere! Then I tried the mustard roll neck from Zara underneath and I was pretty happy with the colour way – blue and yellow. 

I’ve become accustomed to wearing heels with most outfits but my Puma suede’s are the perfect colour match for this look so I made them fit in with the tomboy-ish style. If you have a more eccentric fashion sense I would suggest buying something similar to this pinafore for the A/W season, I can imagine Megan Ellaby pulling this off! It’s great for layering and when it gets a bit colder here in the UK, I can add tights or over-the-knee boots!

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Outfit Three: Double Denim

You thought the last one was different? Well wait ’til you see this one! This look has crossed way over the line of my comfort zone, to be honest it’s all because of the crop top. If it was anymore cropped, my boobs would be out – nipples to wind as Patricia Bright would say LOL! I am lifting my arms in this photo though, trust me when I saw it’s not nearly as bad when your arms are stuck down to your sides! Maybe I’ll go back and order a larger size so that once again, I opt for the oversized fit.

Regardless of the size, I really love the vibe of this crop top. It’s a modern take on the timeless plaid shirt and not just your average black and white one either. It’s from Nasty Gal who have been killing it this year, most of my parcels come from them and my postman is getting a bit peeved off with it actually! Can you really blame me though? Have a look at their new in section and then come back to me, I guarantee you’ll have a full basket. My ‘dad’ aka chunky white trainers are the perfect addition.

I honestly feel like I belong in an indie band who’s come straight from school to perform in your local pub. Do we hate it though? Alright, maybe don’t answer that…

Double denim is no stranger to me, you’ve seen me wearing it on my Instagram this summer but obviously it’s a perfect choice for any season. I’m really into layering jackets at the moment, not as intense as Balenciaga but still, a (faux) fur jacket on top of this look would be sick. Both the jeans and the jacket are from Topshop who are my go-to for denim and I’m sure a lot of you can relate. They’ve lasted me throughout at least half my teenage years which isn’t bad at all for the price! They’ve become a bit of a cropped fit on the legs though, I tell people that’s the style to save myself embarrassment.

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Outfit Four: Casual Jumpsuit

Outfit 4 is a close second to being my favourite, it’s comfy which will always be a winner for me. When did wearing clothes get so irritating? This look is far from that though, the hoodie feels like a cloud and the jumpsuit (beside the toilet struggle) is also pretty damn comfortable. Of course, sticking to the theme, I put the heels away and popped my Dr Martens back on. When standing up, the jumpsuit hangs over the boots which I personally love the look of but I know some people would rather tuck them in!

For the sake of not flashing anyone accidentally or catching a fookin’ cold, I layered the jumpsuit with a hoodie but it’s easily wearable on its own. I think it’d make a fab night-out look, you could swap the Dr Martens for some heels and you’re ready to hit the town.

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the plaid number on because most jumpsuits aren’t that flattering on me, but the zip at the back brings your waist in. Goodbye to my tooth-shaped bod. It’s simple to style because, barring the hint of brown, the colour way is B&W.

Also, my absolute favourite part of this jumpsuit is the leather straps. I didn’t actually realise it had these when I ordered so once I’d tried it on, I was so pleased. It makes the outfit go from a solid 8 to 20+ which ain’t nothing to be mad about. The Doc’s match the leather strap which is a nice touch that wasn’t entirely planned. 

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There we have it. This post was SO fun to shoot and edit, I’m already dying to do it all again. ‘Trend Seeking’ will probably become a monthly thing so look out in November for the next one! Did you like this style of post? Please let me know your thoughts and which outfit was your favourite.

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  1. Radi says:

    All the looks are super awesome! Got to love plaid!

  2. Glowyshoes says:

    I’ve always loved plaid fabrics but i don’t own any… I shoukd start investing in them cos they are beautiful and timeless.

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