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The Skincare Duo That Saved My Skin

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For the past few weeks I’ve been piecing together my top skincare products to finally create my own version of the classic Skincare Routine post. Despite my bathroom cupboard overflowing with empties that I want to talk about and new serums that I’m trialling, I haven’t found the perfect group of products that work best for my skin. So, to compromise, I’m letting you all in on my secret – the duo that saved my skin. Quite literally, the duo. The La Roche Posay Effaclar range (including said duo cream).

Discovering The Brand

It’ll be no surprise to hear that I dealt with ‘problem’ skin for the most part of my pubescent years because lets face it, who didn’t? Blah blah, it was a huge insecurity of mine, blah blah. Today’s not the post to address my acne trauma! But I think it’s important to note that I’d gone through an unfathomable amount of facial washes, spot creams, dermatologists and GP visits when in reality…all that helped was time. I grew up and it vanished (mostly but I can be seen growing a mini mars on my chin every so often). Something that did NOT vanish however…the scars. Was I the only one who wasn’t aware that I’d be left with bruise-like marks all over my face? The spots were no longer yet it still appeared as if they were!

All my patience had jumped right out the window by then so I couldn’t be bothered to go on another witch hunt for another miss-advertised ‘miracle’ cream. It was official, Facebook official, that I had accepted that this was my skin forever. Until, on a casual Sunday afternoon I had Zoella on while I was probably stressing over my art GCSE and I suddenly tuned back in when she started talking about her acne scars. As soon as she mentioned La Roche Posay, I went straight onto Boots to find the Effaclar Duo Cream that Zoe was raving about. From watching her vlogs religiously as a fan-girl back in the day, I’d noticed we had similar skin so I fully trusted in her recommendations. 2 working days later plus a week of testing it out and I had never been so happy with my skin. A GODSEND!

Toning Up

The only kind of toning I do is with the Effaclar Clarifying Lotion – heard enough shocking jokes yet? Before last year, I was very much a part of the I-don’t-even-know-what-toner-is group so I didn’t try to find out or see how it worked. To be quite honest, I’m not too sure why I picked this product up except for the fact that it sat front and centre on the La Roche Posay shelf! Nevertheless, I used it every morning and night as instructed and I’ve restocked ever since. It’s not only the long-term results that I find beneficial but my face is so bloody soft straight after application. It’s like when you’ve shaved your legs and get everyone to feel how smooth they are – that’s what I’m like after using this toner.

Essentially it breaks down your top layer of dead skin to clear your pores which in-turn, minimises the appearance of them. A win-win if you ask me! Not to be dramatic but it’s a real game changer, I don’t know how I used to skip this step! Since it’s mainly targeted for oily skin types, it can be ever so slightly drying so I apply my moisturiser straight after and all is good.

skincare routine, review, la roche posay effaclar range, duo cream, beauty blogger, natural, glow, best products, toner, serum

Good Riddance Scars

Now we’re onto the star of the show, the Effaclar Duo+ Cream that has SPF30!!!!! On the rare days that I do step outside my house, this bad boy has got me protected. I believe they’ve since released a tinted moisturiser edition of this cream which I couldn’t be more excited to try. This product has made me so much more confident in my own skin so with a tint added into it, how can it get better?

It is described as a spot treatment that corrects blemishes. I personally wouldn’t say that it helps prevent or vanish my spots but it evens out my skin and definitely corrects my scarring. I saw results almost immediately which took me by surprise, I really wasn’t expecting it to be an over-night effect. Obviously, it didn’t utterly take away every blemish but everyday my skin looks clearer and that’s enough to please me. If I had to recommend only one skincare product, it would 100% be this!

skincare routine, review, la roche posay effaclar range, duo cream, beauty blogger, natural, glow, best products, toner, serum

Getting serious though, my acne scars were so persistent to stay on my face so La Roche Posay have really saved my a** with this range. It is my ride or die and until I find something better (ha, that ain’t happening soon) I will go through endless bottles to keep my skin happy.

That being said though, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new brands and products so leave your favourites below! Have you tried anything from the Effaclar range?

  • skincare routine, review, la roche posay effaclar range, duo cream, beauty blogger, natural, glow, best products, toner, serum

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  1. Sima Aykin says:

    Such a lovely article! I used to use La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Clarifying Lotion and it really helped me for get rid of my acnes. I think this post is really helpful.
    I’m glad you’re back!
    Lots of love,
    Sima x |

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