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Monthly Motivation: May

And there it goes, another month has sped past us. Happy May everyone! I simply cannot believe that we’re already in the 5th month of 2018…but I guess that means it’s time for another post in this series of ‘Monthly Motivation’. This month is going to be a pretty hectic one for me, I don’t think I’ll have a second to breathe so you can probably expect some absence from my social media’s while I’m juggling everything! On the plus side though, more plans means more inspiration is needed – today’s post is going to be a good’un!

Blogger Motivations

It’s only been just over a month since I started blogging so in the past 38 days I’ve stumbled across many, many new bloggers (big and small) that I’m dying to share with you all! To think I’ve already made some great friendships puts such a smile on my face – you’re all so lovely *cue happy tears*

First up on my ever-growing list is Emma Hill because her style is to die for! It’s so simple yet they’re all such beautiful, bold outfits and it’s fair to say I’m completely obsessed! I’ve also started watching her youtube, to gain even more inspo from her, and her and Simon (plus the dogos) are hilarious – the perfect vlogs to sit down with a cuppa in the evening with! Emma is such a boss woman and definitely been a huge inspiration for me lately!

Anna from The Anna Edita fellow Brighton gal, has also been motivating me and my blog this month! You can tell how much she loves blogging, vlogging and all of the sorts through her fab content! She’s such a fresh face and its so lovely to watch (on Youtube too) an honest and pretty damn funny woman amongst all the other not-so-honest influencers out there these days! Sidenote: her outfit photos are goals too.

Some, just as well-deserving, ‘smaller’ bloggers have crawled their way into my favourites list which I am more than happy about and I can’t wait to share them! All these lovely ladies are so so hard-working and their blogs are impeccable, I’m obsessed! I tend to find the most inspiration from people more like me and on my levels because they’re obviously easier to relate to. Get ready to find some absolute babes and check their blogs out!

Francisca Rockey is an amazing blogger and deserves all the support! We actually organised an impromptu, very spontaneous day out on the 14th last month in my hometown Brighton which turned out to be a lovely, chilled day! Fran has recently redesigned her blog (wow it’s gorgeous) so check it out and show her some love!

Emily Becca, first of all is stunning but is also such a fab blogger and I genuinely admire her! Such a lovely person too, there’s nothing not to like so give her blog a little read and share some support! You won’t be let down, I can say that for sure.

Jade has become a great friend to me in the past couple weeks and we’ve clicked instantly! Her blog is the epitome of motivational writings and all things self-love! I can always count on her to inspire me within my self and my blog, so if you’re looking for a unique, wonderful gal to follow – definitely head over to her blog!

There’s TONNES more I am wanting to share so each month I will tell you 3 new bloggers I’ve discovered and am absolutely loving!


My first goal of last month was to focus on my blog; writing, shooting, editing, tweeting etc. I’ve worked hard on creating the best content I can so I think I can pat myself on the back for taking on that goal! The only thing I would love to change is my consistency within my blog posts because in having some rough days, I’ve neglected uploading a new post so that’s definitely something I’m currently trying to improve! I mentioned that I had wanted to produce some fashion content and I did just that, 4 Ways To Style A Classic Suit went up on my blog last Sunday so I’d love if you checked that out!

I can’t say that I’ve done too much photography, which is okay – your goals are there to motivate you, remember you don’t have to smash every single one as quick as possible! However, my routines and eating habits have 100% improved and it’s helping my anxiety in some sense so maybe getting back into photography is on the cards for this month!

To add a couple more goals for May, I want to write 3 posts a week which I know will be a challenge for some weeks but I’m determined to make the most of my time and blogging experience so wish me luck! My list of ideas is only ever-growing so now I all I need to do is to start turning those ideas into a reality – easier said than done but not impossible right? I’m the living definition of a perfectionist so getting out 3 new posts will be a task and half for me – editing photos, to add an extra-bit-of-unnoticable contrast, into the early hours of the morning and re-writing all my drafts until my pedantic self is happy with them is a challenge I’m willing to take on!

Another goal of mine is to finish the basic setting up/decorating of my new room. I’ll get more into the moving process in a minute but I’m desperate to have a room that I have decorated myself because I’ve spent the last 17 years (give or take a few baby years) in a shoe box! Personally, I think that changing up your surroundings and making it a place you’re content in is so important for your mental health; it can motivate you, keep you working hard and in a good state of mind. Scandinavian, minimal but packed with plants and succulents is what my current vision is!


As I mentioned above, I’m moving and I’m moving soon. In a week in-fact. Yes I’m pretty terrified. I’ve lived in my current house for most of my childhood (14 years) so the day we leave is going to be a hard one that will most likely set me back mentally. I’m prepared to accept that upset though and accept it’s time for a new journey, onwards and upwards as they say! I’ll be putting up a post next week discussing my feelings around my moving situation so if you feel in the mood to have a chit-chat and relate to my struggles, come along to have a lil read.

Only 3 days after being in the new house, I fly off to Turkey for 2 weeks! My stress levels are going to hit a new high I think but I could be jetting off to worse places, I’m sure I’ll be able to wind down completely while catching a tan by the pool! I actually can’t tell you how excited I am to get back in a bikini, this winter has felt a decade long – bring on those summer cocktails and flowy dresses! While I’m there, I’ll be getting an abundance of summer/holiday posts up on tha blog so I’m also excited for those!

On the more mundane side of things, I’ve got a couple of days planned to meet up with other bloggers for a shoot day (yes gals, more fashion posts are coming your way) which will be lovely! It’s so nice to be able to spend a day with someone who you actually have things in common with!!

Fashion Inspo

Summer always sparks up my fashion inspiration so I’ve done a fair bit of damage to my bank account the past few weeks. How can I resist? Polka dots here, basket bags there – I *need* it all! I’ve attempted to narrow it down to 5 items for the sake of this post though, items that are currently holding a place in my basket waiting for pay-day to arrive! Expect to be seeing these on my Instagram soon, and comment to tell me to STOP buying clothes – I don’t need anymore…I can’t fit anymore in my wardrobe!!

First up is the suit, surprise surprise, but this time it’s not a classic’s pastel! Lilac/pink pastel suits are all over Zara, Topshop & Mango’s shelves right now and I’m desperate to try one out! They give such a chic but casual look which let’s be honest, I’m all here for. Throwing an already-matching two piece on is my ideal situation on a Monday morning so I’ll be definitely purchasing one. This one from Mango is so gorgeous and guess what, just to nail another trend on the head, it’s linen! This puts it on the more expensive side but such a fab investment.

SHOP here

Topshop are killing the game right now, they’re doing the usual trend pieces but in stylish, unique ways! I walk in and I don’t even know where to look first, I’m loving everything. Polka dot’s are definitely the a must-have this summer so I’ve been on the hunt for a variety of pieces lately, when I came across this gem. 100% purchasing – Thank YOU Topshop. Then the shoes, they’re doing the most but I have a thing for statement boots. These ones from Pretty Little Thing were love at first site and together with this top is just…wow. A look (haha always an excuse to whack that phrase out)

SHOP boots here

SHOP shirt here

I actually can’t get enough of these (horn?tortoise shell?) buttons, I don’t really know what to call them but they’re so beautiful. Unfortunately, most of the white blouses and dresses have sold out everywhere but New Look have some amazing alternative pieces – and in their sale too! Both of these will be perfect for my holiday in a couple weeks, I’ll be doing a lookbook over there at some point too!

SHOP dress here

SHOP top here

There are many, many different variations of the basket/wicker/bucket bag but these styles catch my eye the most. They just scream ‘summer in Tuscany’ to me and I’m looking out for the perfect one to add to my wardrobe (that isn’t sold out or £££££).

SHOP similar bag here

Okkkkk, 1700 words later and I’m done rambling! Clearly I’m overflowing with inspiration this month so I hope you got something from it for yourself! Maybe some retail therapy this weekend? What are you up too this month, any extra-sepccial plans?


11 responses to “Monthly Motivation: May”

  1. Fran says:

    Love chatty personal posts, this is my favourite post of yours yet! Also, thank you for the little mention, you’re an absolute doll. Can’t wait for you to come back from Turkey so I can take you to all my favourite spots in London! Not long now till you’re out of your shoe box and into your tardis, also can’t wait for you to showcase your new room. From what you’ve told me you have planned, it’s going to look amazeballs, will be waiting for the insta spams haha

    Fran |

  2. cassiethehag says:

    Lovely post as always Phoebe! Always so well written and genuine. Xx

  3. Fifi says:

    Good luck on the move! Moving is always so stressful but once you get settled in it’ll all be worth it! And you’ll have Turkey to look forward to (i’m so jealous omg). Also, I’m obsessed with that wicker basket bag! I had no clue that they make bags like that and I’ve never seen anything like it!

  4. Dalal Tahira says:

    Long, chatty posts are my favourite things to read. Summer in Tuscany is now the way I’m going to classify my outfit choices for the warmer months now aha. Ahh enjoy Turkey, 2 weeks sounds glorious. If you’re ever in London and want to shoot then hmu girl!

    Dalal //

  5. Congratulations on completing a month of blogging, you’ve achieved so much in such a short span of time! Moving can be very scary, but it will get better. I spent 23 years of my life in the same house that I grew up in, and then moved to a whole new country. I have since moved six times in the last seven years! And as much as it’s terrifying, it is also exciting, so try not to get too stressed about it, Things always work out in the end. 🙂

    Sneha |

    • Phoebe Rose says:

      Thanks so much, always so kind Sneha! For sure needed to hear these words, slowly but surely getting through the move! Wow that’s huge, all the advice I can get please haha!! x

  6. Julia says:

    I love Anna’s blog! And her Youtube channel as well actually. I love her personality, humour and definitely agree her outfit photos are so nice!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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