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Monthly Motivation: July

Summer is finally in full swing and thankfully, so are my motivations for July. A couple days late but better late than never as they say…While I was away, I barely touched those tempting app icons because I wanted to give myself a complete detox. No Twitter *gasps*, no Instagram, no Youtube, no Pinterest. Failing this, I did have a little peek at some of my favourite blogs to help bring my love for writing back again. It totally worked which means I have a fab new list of bloggers to share with you!


Inthefrow aka, the beautiful Victoria! I’ve been watching Vic for yonks but for some (very) strange reason, I never ventured over to her blog until now…Her relaunch! If you’ve been a bit behind lately, Inthefrow had a complete makeover and I’m in total awe – this gal is incredible at what she does! Yes, the design is gorgeous but her new posts are such a great read. ‘3 Ways to Lead a More Positive Life‘ is for sure one to check out if you get a moment, she truly inspires me with how genuine and talented she is so, Victoria is a well deserved favourite of mine for July!

Next up is the gorgeous Yossy from withloveyossy but before we get into the blog appreciation, can we talk about how lovely this girl is? Such a kind soul and I’m so pleased I came across her blog, it radiates positivity and a damn perfect aesthetic! If you need an afternoon of serenity alongside wanderlust, head over to her blog – yes it’s as dreamy as it sounds!

Lastly, the ultimate pinterest girlAudrey, over at befrassy. Every morning I have a ritual of scrolling through this babes’ Instagram because I’ve never seen such a work of art portrayed through filters, portraits and straw hats! I could create endless mood boards from her content! Also, the stand out for me, her writing is beautiful. You could so easily lose yourself reading her latest post, while laying in an overgrown country field with the sunset shining on you and a bottle of Rosé sitting pretty. OK…a girl can dream!


To be brutally (on my part) honest with you, I haven’t taken time to focus on myself recently. So in turn, I haven’t given myself any goals which is good and bad. Let’s touch on the good first. The pressure, it’s pilled on top of you when you create expectations of yourself and that’s not something I can deal with at this very moment. Letting myself think and create freely is allowing more inspiration to come which is then put back into my blog and I’m so excited for some of the opportunities I have coming up! Timing couldn’t have been better because I’m ashamed to admit that I was ready to give up, impatience/doubt consumed me which is what comes of the bad side from not having goals. It doesn’t give you anything to work towards or any motivation to GET SHIT DONE! No messing around in July, I’m getting back into self reflection and acceptance in hopes to get some goals going. You could say my goal for this month is to set goals for myself! Is that cheating? Just go with it…hahah.

One thing I really want to improve on though, is my day-to-day life. I want to find the motivation to go out and enjoy the summer, whether that be lying on the beach or making a day of chaotic London excursions. It’s coming up to that time of year where I sit back and think over all the experiences I missed out on over summer, desperately wishing I made more effort for myself and my friends but I’ve had enough of that. This year I want to be able to sit back and reminise about all the amazing memories I made, relieved that I was able to enjoy myself!


Now to completely contradict what I just touched on, I have no plans for July. The odd trip has been organised but nothing major, better start changing that right? Actually, I really just want to focus on my blog and push myself to create the best content I can, so July will soon be filled with shoot days and picnic days/picnic-but-realistically-laptop-club-on-a-white-sheet-in-a-field days. Suits me!


What are we fancying this month? City breaks to Rome? Summers in Tuscany? Tourist trip in London? Seaside evening strolls? Pick your aesthetic…I’m edging towards staying close to home, a Tourist Trip In London vibe. Don’t get me wrong, if it were possible I’d be all about City Breaks To Rome but sadly that isn’t happening anytime soon. August? We’ll see when it comes around, keep your fingers crossed for me! I have a plethora of fashion posts coming your way over the next couple of months which means I’ve been scouring Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram (you name it) for inspiration.

My style is constantly changing, I have about 5 alter egos that showcase each style-phase I go through. On Monday I’m representing the indie art students, Tuesday is about feminine florals, during Wednesday I’ll let out my slightly gothic side, Thursday I’ll be that preppy girl next door, then Friday is a throwback moment to the 70’s and so on…you get the picture. Trends never drew me in before starting a blog, in fact I put in my best efforts to avoid them, but now I’m all about them. It’s partly because of this new series I’ve been working on, you’ll see soon but here’s a sneak peak of my latest outfits:

Asymmetric Skirts

Combining with patterns, this is now a wardrobe staple for me. It’s so easy to throw on in a mad rush, styled with a simple white shirt (or slouchy tee, depending on the day’s doings) looks effortless yet fashion-forward for 2018. You can’t forget the dad trainers either! There’s so many out there this season but this rust orange one from Nasty Gal is my favourite and as soon as pay day hits, it’s coming straight home with me. AKA, delivered to my door…oh us millennials!


A floral moment seems to come around every summer but of course, in newly interpreted styles. I’d say that not a lot has changed from last year’s floral trends to this year’s except for the fact that I’m living and breathing it. I’m pretty tomboyish when it comes down to it but for some reason, I’m buying floral everything this summer! Add some mesh and ruffles into it and you’ve got me hooked, I found this beautiful top from ASOS that I can’t stop thinking about. I’d be lying if I said Lydia Millen didn’t inspire me immensely for wearing florals, she nailed it last year. AND it’s on SALE – £12.50, what an absolute bargain.

Puffy Sleeves

Here’s where my 80’s love takes over, sign me up for all the accentuated shoulders! Another huge trend ticked off. PrettyLittleThing are doing some gorgeous pieces for summer this year, every time I have a look they’ve got a new puffy-sleeved-flowty-white-dress that I can’t resist! I’ve found two perfect tops to fill all your sleeve dreams. First up is this lace up number which I adore! Looking for a simpler option? I’ve got you, here’s a bardot top that I adore just as much!

Let’s round this up! I’m slowly but surely getting my old self back, with the help of these motivations. It feels so good to be writing again – creating something that’s mine and I’m actually proud of it (on a good day haha). 

Let me know your biggest summer motivations, perhaps you’re reading this outside of your usual blog spot? You’ll find me daydreaming of Rome today and maybe a cheeky online clothes order!

P H O E B E 


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3 responses to “Monthly Motivation: July”

  1. Em says:

    Loved this post! And completely agree, Yossy is incredible I love allll of her content! I’m so glad to see you’re back blogging lovely but definitely give some time for yourself, self care is so important! xx

    Em //

  2. connxvi says:

    this series is my favourite, definitely inspires me to want to work hard and go for my goals! so proud of you! keep taking care of yourself

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