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Monthly Motivation: April

This post is the start of a new series I’m doing here on ItsPhoebeRose! It’s called, as you can see in the title, ‘Monthly Motivation’ and I will be posting them at the beginning of every month. I wanted to do something along the lines of a Monthly Favourites, and while I’m sure I’ll still post one of those every few months – I did want to do something a tad different! Thus, this series was created! (Take a shot every time you read Month) I’m going to be chatting about my current goals, some fashion and beauty inspirations as well as any plans and ideas I have…basically just a chance to waffle on to you all!

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Blogger Motivations

Naturally, by starting up my blog, I have begun reading more and more blogs – smaller blogs too! However, for the past few months I have been loving Lydia Elise Millen! Every blog and every vlog I see, I find so motivational as she comes across like such a genuine and down to earth woman. And to add-on top, Lydia is so hard-working so she is definitely a huge inspiration to me while I’m growing my blog throughout the next couple months.

Hopefully by the time my next Monthly Motivation post comes along, I’ll have an ongoing list of my favourite smaller bloggers to tell you all about!


My number 1 goal for this month is to pursue my blog and keep writing and growing my posts! I’m loving it SO much and I’m only a couple of weeks in so I cannot wait to continue writing and enjoying this journey. I’m hoping to do a lot more fashion content too! Since I’ve quit college for this year, I want to get out there and do things I would’ve been restricted to do otherwise! I’m determined to make this year the best yet but I’m going to take it one step at a time.

Another goal of mine, which I’ve been putting off for a while now, is to branch out my photography hobby. Unfortuneately my anxiety has been worse than usual recently, therefore it’s stopped me from feeling able to go outside to develop my skills and mix with new people. I’m hoping to work on feeling better this month though and start getting some more shoots in as I absolutely love creating an image – styling, location and editing!

My last goal for April, and the foreseeable future, is to create a routine for myself – more specifically a morning and night routine. It helps to maintain a good attitude towards life if you’re prone to not feel so great some days. I’ve actually already started to work on this and have been getting up early everyday and getting into more healthy eating habits! A morning routine will be going up on my blog in a few days time so if you want to learn how to be a morning person and how I made the change, come back to give it a little read!

I’m only going to set myself a couple goals this month because I think it’s important to not put too much pressure on achieving as many goals as possible (while obviously not underestimating yourself). It’s also a nice surprise if you manage to achieve more than you expected!

Fashion Inspiration

Much to my bank’s loss, I have been ordering a bunch of new clothes to upgrade my spring wardrobe! For years I’ve been the type of girl to own a pile of all black clothing that just looks like the same old boring outfit but this year, colour has sneaked its way into my closet. I’m pretty sure there’s only a handful of black pieces on my rail right now – just the staples! Anyway…lemme share some of them with you!

Haul Boohoo Blazer Suit Co-Ord two piece smart casual heels graphic tee t shirt red lip fashion women style outfit look

Boohoo is a go-to for me when I’m seeking after some new outfits so it’s no surprise that I made my first order through this site. I’m LOVING their New In section at the moment, in fact I’m quite proud that I restricted myself from completely braking the bank! Now, I’ve been coming across all sorts of suits this season, from the runway to the blogging world and I’m totally here for it. However, for me it’s got to be the right two piece because any old suit can have a tendancy to look like I’ve just raided my dad’s closet and that’s for sure not the look I’m going for! But the clothes gods were looking out for me and presented me this gorgeous, checkered grey suit. Isn’t it perfect? Let me tell you, it gets better and better because I got 65% off the blazer!!!! You HAVE to check out their sale but don’t blame me if you end up with 20 items sitting in your basket…I’m so excited to style this!

Blazer (GUYS ONLY £10!!)

Trousers (similar as original is sold out at the moment)

Haul ASOS Vinyl Trousers Phoebe Rose Denim jacket trainers style fashion outfits look

Lets take a minute to appreciate these trousers…wow. I do feel like these are definitely a marmite situation, you either love them or hate them. Can you tell I’m loving them? I’m not a fan of the legging style vinyl trousers but these straight leg take on them are to die for! I snatched them up in a second for only…£11?! Incredible, thank you ASOS. You can’t beat online shopping, am I right? I’m 100% going to include these in an upcoming style post.



Finally, to round up my motivation for April, lets get to what I have planned. I don’t think I’m speaking alone when I say I have a massive list on my phone of blog post ideas! But I’ve been planning the majority of my posts for the next few weeks and what photos I’m going to be taking for them and I’m super excited to say the least! I’ve planned a few fashion shoots to show you my style and some trips.

The trips aren’t just for blogging though, I’m going to make the most of having the next few months off and travel as much as I can! In April I’ve got a couple London trips organised and local days out like a picnic…can we all pray for this spring weather to appear soon please?

That’s it for now, I’ve babbled on for hours it seems but it’s my first post in this series so I wanted to test the water! I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what’s your main goal for April? Are you travelling?


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52 responses to “Monthly Motivation: April”

  1. itsallzara says:

    Monthly motivation is a great idea and it seems a really positive way of setting goals! I love it xx

  2. Yessss girl! Writing your goals down especially when it comes to subjects like anxiety can be so helpful! Well done this is such a good post!

  3. Tasha Louise says:

    Great post! Love setting myself some goals for the month and love how these are not all just based around blogging! My main goal for April is to spend a bit more quality time with my family starting with our holiday tomorrow! Good luck with your goals!

  4. Really enjoyed reading this, I’m definitely going to try and get into more of a morning routine – I’m terrible at the moment!

  5. Annie says:

    I really enjoyed this post! I think you have a really good list here! Sounds like April is going to a great month for you! I would really like to travel sometime this month! Just because I have a 2 week mid semester break coming up! Have fun in London! 🙂

  6. Good luck for your blogging goals x

  7. Really enjoyed reading this ! I hope you hit your monthly goals x

  8. This is a lovely post and some great goals! Hope you achieve them this month! Ayse x

  9. Love how you found inspiration from all sorts of places! Haha i can totally relate to you about ordering lots of clothes!

    Good luck with your goals for the month! It’s always exciting to see our creations grow! Keep on working hard and results will follow :)!

  10. ashton says:

    Lydia has always been an inspiration for me too

  11. I think we’re going travelling in June, so April will just be for saving! I want to focus more on my blog though and connecting with other amazing bloggers. I struggle so much sometimes but I’m sure I’ll find a way eventually.

    Tori |
    Latest blog post: Easter Shortbread Recipe!

  12. perrinevautour says:

    Love the sound of this new series 🙂 I have so many goals for April I can’t decided on a main one haha I might just have to write a post about them 🙂


  13. Good luck with your goals! If you’ve got loads of post ideas I find it best to draft the posts when you’ve got loads of free time because then you can go back and look at them, make any changes you wish and then schedule them for times when you’re going to be too busy to write! I hope we start having some better weather soon and enjoy your trips to London I absolutely love visiting there!

    Jess //

  14. I really enjoyed this post! So different from what i have read before! monthly motivations are such a great idea! loving it! You can find inspiration in so many places! xx corinne

  15. Goals are key! You’re doing well 🙂 x

  16. Fran says:

    Lydia is such a huge inspiration for me too. I love the sound of this new series, I am already looking forward to reading your next months motivations!

  17. I absolutely love Boohoo and ASOS! I’m a super petite girl and their petite sections have so many options and they fit so well. Really love that plaid co-ord that you picked from Boohoo — I have to go check that out!

    Lovely post! x


  18. glowsteady says:

    Good luck with your goals! I look forward to seeing some of your photography too. And I should not have read this. I’ve just spent a fortune in the sales and now you have me looking at even more stuff. My bank balance is going to hate me! x


  19. Rifat Yaseen says:

    My monthly goal is to be more organised and as you said, have a proper routine. Loved reading it xx

  20. Awesome goals phoebe! You should totally do a little spotlight of your favorite blogs, it’s a great way to let them stand out and I’m super interested to see what kinds of other blogs people enjoy! I also want to get more into photography. I’ve got the camera just not the subject! I think I’ll plan out my posts more around pictures so they have better visuals. Lovely post 🙂

    • Phoebe Rose says:

      Yes I’m definitely going to get round to that, give bloggers the credit they deserve!! That’s such a great idea, whatever works best for you creatively! Thank you x

  21. Great post! I wish I had travelling on the agenda but I don’t think it’s going to happen this month. Instead I’m going to try to do lots of daytrips – weather permitting of course! Like you, I am also trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe. Good luck with all your goals! xx

    Sneha |

  22. nicolegramcko says:

    This is such a great post idea! Totally motivates me! I’ve been pretty motivated with my blog recently but now for this month, I want to get my Youtube up and running again 🙂

    Nicole |

  23. Em says:

    Loveeeed this! I love when a new month begins and I can plan out what I want to achieve, there is something so motivating about it. I love your blog so definitely keep it up gal! xx

    Em //

  24. Sima Aykin says:

    I love your monthly motivation series idea. My number one goal is also to keep writing on my blog and engage with other bloggers. I LOVE discovering new blogs & bloggers. I’m glad I found your blog. You seem such a nice person💗🙏🏻

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