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Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I’m Phoebe, an 18 year old gal born and raised in Brighton (UK) with a passion for creating. I’ve always loved to partake in several different hobbies at one time, the likes of creative writing, fashion, photography and exploring new adventures…So what better than to bundle it all into this little blog of mine?

At the moment, I’m going to let this new chapter of blogging lead the way and see what comes of it. I’m excited to delve into something completely different and connect with you fellow bloggers and readers.

Well I guess there’s no better way to get to know me than having a lil peek at the my recent posts and hopefully you’ll learn and decide to stick around with me on this journey. Feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts as I’d love to have feedback and, of course, have a chit-chat with my readers.

See you around x


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